Metal Testing

Testing the strength, performance, and durability of metals is the first step to their productive and effective usage. Our metallurgical testing capabilities include Chemical composition analysis, Mechanical properties testing, Microstructure & Material Properties, Hardness test, Impact test, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS), Fatigue test, Salt Spray Test, and last but not the least analysis of the failed components

We are one of the unique commercial NABL-accredited metal testing laboratories offering a wide variety of testing services through a range of Spectroscopy that includes ICP-OES, UV, XRD, and wet methodology.

We offer both destructive and non-destructive testing solutions that can be tailor-made to suit clients’ requirements. We can also provide you with the most comprehensive and detailed failure analysis. Our professionals deliver comprehensive reports with a high degree of repeatability, making mentions of even the micro defects so that your metal stands above and beyond the competition. 

At Krishna Metallurgical Laboratories, you get more than just the traditional services of testing and analysis; we provide you with a comprehensive bouquet of testing, investigation, analysis, and consultancy.

Tests We Conduct

Sample Specimen Preparation
Metallurgic Microscopic Examination
Tube & TOR Analysis – Deformed Bar Test
Tension Test
Bend Test
Weather Resistance Testing
Hardness Testing
Flaring & Flattening Test
Steel Strand Test
Alloy Identification
Impact Testing
Material Selection
ELV/ROHS Testing
Failure Analysis
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
Non destructive Testing
Micro & Macro Analysis
Weld Penetration
Coating Measurements

Machines Involved

Our investment in machines, as well as human resources, makes us one of the most distinctive laboratories in the region. The testing machines we have can not only measure the tensile strength of metals but also check the formability and metallographic contents of most metals. With our state-of-the-art services, you can be rest assured that even the most technically demanding products can become synonymous with quality and authenticity.

To offer and ensure precise testing and accurate results, we have a team of professionally qualified and highly experienced engineers, who ensure that they always present certified test reports driven by accuracy.

Customized Universal Testing Machines by Shimadzu-covering a range of 5 KN to 1000 KN thus covering testing from a thin film to heavy girders
OES Spectrometer Spectro Maxx 8 by Ametek
Salt Spray Chambers by Weiss Technik
GCMS Element Traceability by Agilent
Multi-Element Analysis by ICP-OES by Perkin Elmer
XRF/PMI guns; Olympus USA
Pendulum Impact Testers-HDT VICAT/IZOD Charpy Tester-JJ
Metallographic Equipment Olympus Microscope
Hardness Testers ZEISS
Analysis of Coatings/ trace elements by UV Spectrometer-Perkin Elmer
Ultrasonic Testers
Sheet Metal Testers
Resonant Fatigue Testing Machines
Trace Analysis of Metals in food
Metal Testing Instruments

Ultimately, it is the perfect amalgamation of the human-machine collaboration, the technical potential of our team, the dynamics of efforts, the attention to detail, and the level of expertise that makes our services stand apart in the industry!