Abrasion Testing

When friction is the predominant factor causing a decline in your assets, our flammability and abrasion testing services could help you evaluate the lifetime of your product. Our experts will provide a detailed analysis of the quality of the coating, a comparison of different materials, and an analysis of the lifetime and overall sustainability of the material/product. 

Our advanced equipment delivers detailed testing statistics that are created to provide a much closer appropriation to the specific work environment in question.  

Tests We Conduct

Flammability – UL, ASTM D635, ISO 3795, 4700
Taber Abrasion – ASTM D1044,D3389, D4060
Din Abrasion Tester – ISO 4649
Chip Resistance of coating, Gravelometer – ASTM D3170, SAE J400
Content of Volatile Organic Compounds

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