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Glossary for Metals

Aluminum Alloys

All Metal

Al Alloy

Asbestos testing

Bar Test

Bend Test

Breaking Load

Brinell Hardness Test


Case Depth


Coating Thickness

Compression Test

Copper Alloys

Core Hardness

Crush Test

Depth Of Decarb

Density Test Die

Penetration Testing Drift

Expension Test

Effective Case Depth

Elements Analysis

ELV Test

Ferro Chromium 

Ferro Molybdenum

Ferro Manganese

Ferrous Metals

Ferro Nickel

Ferro Silicon

Ferro Tungsten

Ferro Vanadium 

Free Carbon

Flattening Test

Grain Flow

Grain Size- Hardened & Tempered Condition

Hardness Test

Hardness Vicker Test 

Head Soundness Test

Humidity Resistance Test

Hydrogen Content

Impact Test Charpy & Izod

Inclusion Rating Test

Jominy Hardenability

Lead Alloys

Mass Per Meter 

Mass of Zinc Coating

Mean Rib Area


Micro Vicker Hardness Test

NDT Testing

Nitrogen Content

Nodularity In S.G. Iron

Non Ferrous Metals

Oxygen Content

Proof Load

P ratio

Quench test


Rebend Test


Roughness Test

Salt Spray Test

Sample Preparation

Silicon Carbide

Soft Solder 

Spectro Analysis

Surface Hardness HV

Tensile Test    

Tensile Strength

Tin Alloys

Tor Steel

Torque Test

Total Case Depth

Total Lead

Total Cadmium

Ultra Sonic Testing 

U V Ageing


Wet Analysis- Ferrous

Weld Penetration

Wedge Test

X ray Filming

Yield Strength

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