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Glossary for Polymers

Abrasion Loss Of Rubber Cover

Accelerated Ageing Test


Apparent Density

Asbestos Screening by PLM method

Ash Content

Ash Filler Test

Azeo Ammonia Detection

Bulk Density 

Carcus Thickness

Charpy Impact Test

Change in Tensile Strength

Change in Elongation at Break

Change in Hardness

Clarity of Plastics Sheeting

Compressive Strength

Compression Set

Compressive Strength

Conditioning with Humidity

Cover Thickness



Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Detection of Harmful Elements as per REACH

Dupont  Impact

Effect of Liquid 

Elongation at Break

Elongation at Breaking Load

End of Life Test (ELV) 

Extension at 30% Tensile Strength

Electrical Properties Tests

ESCR Testing

Extractables and Leachables Testing

Flexural Properties

Flammability Test


Fogg Testing 

Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

Failure Analyses

Films Testing for Packaging

Geo Textiles Thickness & Unit Weight 

Glass Content Test

Hardness Shore A Shore D 

Haze or Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics

Heat Ageing Dimensional Stability

Heat and Humidity Aging 

Heavy Metal Identification

Hazardous Substance Identification

Identification of Unknown/ known polymer

Identification Of Film Defects

Izod Impact Test

J-Testing of Polymers via The Load Separation

K value

Longitudinal Joint in Multiple Type Belting

Lead Content in PVC

Low Temperature Bend Test

Melt Flow Rate 

Melt Flow Index

New Part Development

Odor Test

Ozone Resistance Test


Peel Strength 

Pencil Hardness 

Polymer Additive Identification

Quench Testing in Oil

Resistance To Puncture Test 

ROHS I & II -4,6, 10 Elements 

Rubber Tensile Strength & Yield 

Rubber Thickness & Dimension 

Rubber Elongation at Break

Rubber Elongation at Given Stress

Salt Spray Test

Sample Preparation from Rubber /PVC Sheet

Sample Preparation for Mold shrinkage

Shrinkage Test of Molded Plastics 

Specular Gloss 

Static Puncture Resistance

Surface Roughness

Taber Abrasion

Tear Strength

Thermogravimetry Analysis

Thermal Conductivity in Molten State

Temperature Deflection Under Load 

Tensile Modulus

Tensile Strength 

Transverse Joint in Multiple Type Belting

UV Aging Test

Vicat Softening Point


Water Absorption of Plastics


White Index Optical Properties

XRF Testing 

Xenon Arch Testing

Yellow Index Optical Properties 

Z Score Calculation

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