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When Quality Matters

We believe in meaningful, accurate, precise and high quality of testing.

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Krishna Lab follows philosophy of Shri Krishna

Our philosophy

As our name suggests we derive all our inspiration from Lord Krishna. 

For many he may be a pious and holy God, but for he is an inspiration and constant source of learning and guidance. He is an exemplary- a leader, a hero, a protector, a teacher, a philosopher and a friend: all in one.

Teachings of Lord Krishna are infinite. The best manager and a leader who imparted valuable lessons to all. Lord Krishna is the master of finesse and there is a lot to be learnt from him. We are trying to follow his great learning to create an impactful business organization by propagating and living by his beliefs.

Share your Learning: 

True manager or leader must share their learning with others. As the saying goes ‘knowledge grows when shared with others’, when applied is the best practice of all. He reminds us of our purpose and taught us the methods to overcome the fear and doubts; thereby focusing on our duty. 

Stick to your Goals: 

Krishna had three definite life goals for himself. First, ‘Paritrayana Sadhunam’ which means welfare for good; second, ‘vinashaya dushkritam’ meaning destroy evil (thought) and third, ‘dharma sansthapana’ meaning establish and strengthen the good principles. As a manager he personified that we should have clear cut goals in the organization and one should never allow their senses to be controlled. 

Strategic Approach: 

Lord Krishna was master strategist who used problem solving approach throughout his life. He with his tactical skills won Mahabharata war for Pandavas. He proves that a person who is skilled in planning action or policy will win for sure in war and politics. A plan of action is important to achieve long and short-term goals. 

Tactful Communicator: 

Krishna through his power of speech and oration skills motivated Pandavas several times. He motivated them to serve good and only good, concurrently working towards attainment of justice. A true leader or manager always takes initiative to motivate his collogues and fellows. 

Be Grounded: 

Despite being a king and a supreme, Krishna lived his life in simplicity and he was a man of people. A leader should be humble, noble and down to earth. This will ensure his growth and progress. 

Krishna you are an inspiration…….

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